Swiss Made - Hand Made

We are in Geneva, Switzerland, our seeds are produced on 3 plots, all grown on living soil. With us no ploughing, no fertilizer, no pesticides or Bordeaux porridge and we are vigilant on a reasoned use of water. The maintenance of the fertility of our soils is maintained exclusively thanks to regular contributions of grind, nothing else.  

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No chi-chi, no magic !

Our varieties are good, quality, but not magic. If you pamper your plants, they will give you back a hundredfold.
But if you don’t water your plants, you’re not going to have a good crop. And if it rains all summer, like everybody else, you’re going to have mildew....
We try to be the most honest about the descriptions, when it’s good we say it, when it’s not good... too!

Our best varieties

Variety rating system:

1 to 2: Clearly, it’s not good... varieties with this note are decorative or educational varieties

2 to 4: Not top, but pretty or that can arouse the interest of children

5: This is the "neutral" taste of a super market tomato

6 to 7: It starts to be pretty good, and even good. We are clearly not on the taste of a super market tomato

8 to 9: It comes on unique tastes, very good tomatoes that you will not find in the trade

10: We are gently approaching perfection! Sweet, subtle, complex, flavors that raise tomato to another level! 

Graine de Carotte :

"Cultivate yourself by cultivating!"


My passion for nature and especially vegetable plants led me to create Graine de Carotte. Pedagogue and sensitive to sustainable development, it is naturally towards the schools that I turn in priority to set up a support service for the creation and maintenance of educational vegetable gardens.


Since 2023, Simon Thurnherr has joined Graine de Carotte. Passionate about plants and ecosystems, he is particularly good at explaining complex things with simple words.