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Discovert our 200 tomatoes in catalogue !

Become an actor in the safeguarding of patrimony

Afin de nous permettre me la mise à jour de notre catalogue, 
les commandes sont stoppée jusqu'au 31 août !
On revient en septembre avec plus de 100 nouvelles variétés !!!

For over a decade, we have been passionate about tomatoes and have been searching for rare varieties around the world.
Our aim is revive the tast on the plates!

Our tomato seeds

With us no F1 hybrids!!!

All our varieties are reproducible. We encourage you to breed them and share them with your friends. We even explain here how!


A label ?

Our tomatoes are growing in Switzerland on living soil. Without mechanization, no fertilizers, no tillage, no chemicals.
With us, there is no needs labels. Everything is handmade and it shows.

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Our collection

Our selections are based on uses, climates, and calibres, so you can research 200 varieties with ease.

Our best varieties 

Discover our selection of our best varieties.



Tomatoes that are unexpected. Discover these wonders of nature with a surprising look!


Become the king of sauce!

Give another dimension to our tomato sauce !


Discovery packs

Packs of 10 varieties to help you discover the different facets of tomato.
Or just to help you choose from our catalogue.


Graine de Carotte

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- tips for growing tomatoes. Read our tips here.


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